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Albert Ramirez Canalias
Posted Apr 22 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,

I have an animations that goes one after the other and I'm using the AnimationEnd event. But it's too slow...

Is it possible to reduce the delay between animationEnd events? Or connect multiple animation?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Albert Ramirez Canalias — the animationEnd event fires directly after the animation ends. If there appears to be a delay, it's possible it's because you're using spring curves. If so: spring curves have a 4th optional value, called tolerance. This is a number that defines when the spring animation stops and snaps to the pixel, instead of continuing "bouncing" / animating sub-pixel values. This is a value you can also tweak with. Otherwise, you can also use Utils.delay manually instead of listening to animationEnd events, or you can chain them using both animationEnd events, and delays within them.

Albert Ramirez Canalias

Thanks :D

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