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Aalok Trivedi
Posted Apr 27 - Read on Facebook

Are there any good beginner tutorial/walktrough resources for using svg/paths in framer? I don't really have a lot of experience working with svgs, and most of the examples I've seen using svgs in their protos go over my head when just looking at the code


Stephen Crowley

Hey Aalok, Josh wrote a great piece on SVG/paths in Framer. You can find it here:

Aalok Trivedi

^^ just saw the comments on the github page. Anyone know the update?

Ke Wang

You'll need to require it this way:

Ke Wang

{SVGLayer} = require "SVGLayer"

Aalok Trivedi

thanks! Yea I eventually figured it out. The plugin for Sketch is broken though. It pastes a lot of unnecessary info or it doesn't paste anything at all no matter how many times you run the plugin

Ke Wang

Np, Yes you're right, it's 6 month old...

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