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Melvin Eudell Hogan
Posted Apr 22 - Read on Facebook

Having trouble with index. I'm adding a layer via code, and then trying to place a layer from an imported sketchfile on top of that layer. The code layer keeps showing up on top. I've tried everythign to change the index to no avail. Help?


Trevor Phillippi

Can you include a link to the prototype you're referencing?

Melvin Eudell Hogan

Trevor, unfortunately, no. Can't make company work public.

George Kedenburg III

Mel layers added via code will live outside of the sketch group, meaning you wont be able to move the sketch layer above it unless you also move it outside of the sketch group. try setting the parent of the sketch layer to "" or null and then using .bringToFront()

Melvin Eudell Hogan

George, thanks! I figured out a workaround by adding the layer as a child to the sketch group

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