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Jiwoong Lee
Posted Jun 28 - Read on Facebook

Because we wanted more controls over Material spinners, so created crappy one with using Framer elements, not hacky ways like GIFs or CSS to be able to use Framer goodies.

Feel free to copy and modify. :)


Ashwin Khurana

This is awesome! Wondering how I could [e.g. on button-click] change the x/y coordinates and size of the spinner. Per the examples, manipulating s.x and s.y seems to work for the translation but changing the size creates a weird rotation effect. I tried manipulating scale, which sort of works, but I haven't figured out how to preserve/define the new thickness. Any help would be much appreciated :)

Fran Pérez

Awesome! and also fully customizable :)

Aaron James

I have many uses for this. Thanks for creating it.

Jorn van Dijk


Josh Puckett

This is a great module!

Benjamin Den Boer

Wow, awesome. Thanks a ton for sharing!

Adam Armstead

Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Michael Boswell

Fantastic module! Thank you for sharing!

Aaron Brako

You da man Jiwoong!

Vince Pataky

Fantastic script! I updated it a littl bit, you can round the line if you want to :

# Custom spinner
spinners.push new Material.Spinner
size: 96
thickness: 10
color: "#28AFFA"
changeColor: no

Get the code here :

(Just overwrite the Jiwoong Lee -s Framer file )

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