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Tom Byrer
Posted Apr 21 - Read on Facebook

Can Framer export to normal HTML/CSS/JS? I'm still trying to figure out how this will help my workflow.


George Kedenburg III

can you define "normal HTML/CSS/JS"?

Tanner Christensen

For one, it makes sharing your ideas into something people can actually see. If you think everyone is fully capable of envisioning things like animation delays and curves, or how a subtle transition affects the experience of a design, or where elements will actually appear on a screen vs. in a design comp, you've got a lot of hard roads ahead to travel.

Javier Eduardo Treviño

It's not a web development framework like Angular JS but more a platform for product design which could be anything from iOS to TV

Tom Byrer

George: eg Do I have to rewrite the 'code' once I actually write the app/website?

Hannes Waller

Framer is for prototyping. You do get HTML/CSS and JS out of it, but it's not for production. There are way better things for that.

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