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Nico Arduino
Posted Apr 21 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone !
I am prototyping an app with a splash screen at the begining.
The splash screen is a simple mp4 video (2mo) without sound.
Everything works fine on desktop (preview and browser) but the video does not appear on frameless or in safari/chrome when previewing in an Ipad…

Is there a problem with mp4 and iOS ?
Is there a property to include on framer ?

Thanks for your help !


George Kedenburg III

it should work fine in frameless... how big is the video file?

Kees Plattel

Inline video won't work on iOS I think. Try making it a GIF instead.

Tom Byrer

Served though http://localhost ?

Nico Arduino

The solution that worked :
encoding the video with Miro with the Apple > Ipad 3 option !

Thanks everyone !!

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