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Harsharanga Patil
Posted Apr 21 - Read on Facebook

I have created a html component. I want to call a function form that component. Is it possible? If yes then how is it done?
Example :

myFunction = () ->
# do something in coffee script code

html :
<li onclick="myFunction()">DATA</li>


Trevor Phillippi

Hope this helps. Fiddled a bit and discovered that it will only handle events properly if you add a handler to containing layer (but it doesn't have to do anything)

Trevor Phillippi

For html elements like <input> or <textarea> or even a div with contenteditable=true, I'm assuming those events bubble up out of the box, but if it's just your run-of-the mill <div> or <ul> Framer wont catch the events unless you listen on the parent layer.

Trevor Phillippi

Here's an example using list elements

Harsharanga Patil

Thanks a lot! It helps..

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