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Sabitov Farid
Posted Apr 20 - Read on Facebook

Today is my 3rd day with Framer and I decided to play with some sweet effects with Badoo application, as for now they have default pull to refresh icon

So a bit more about my today's project: this time I wanted to try to work with SVG paths. I found a great article on how to make a drawing like animations. Here is the module

Then I added pull to refresh to make this paths interactive. Hope you will like it! Follow me on Dribbble for everyday freebies Framer projects. And thanks for your feedback and support!

Here is the link for download

If you have some ideas or suggestions don't hesitate to contact me. My Email is [email protected]

Also I created repositories in GitHub so if you have some comments you can write them there


Sabitov Farid
Arturo Goicochea

You're doing amazing stuff! Don't look like a newbie 👏👏👏👏👏😵😱

Benjamin E Saravia

Very cool! is not 100% working with Sketch, but the JS is, nice :)

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