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David Fumberger
Posted Apr 20 - Read on Facebook

Had needed to include sticky headers in one of my prototypes. Discovered a few examples out there, but none were weren't quite what I was after, so have put together a small module that might help someone needing something similar:


Rhys Merritt

Awesome. Awesome to the max

Lương Đức Duy

Awesome. Thanks

Chris Camargo

Interesting approach. I'm curious, had you seen this module by JL Flores Mena?

David Fumberger

Chris Camargo Think this one looks great for when you've got the content in a single layer and want to place multiple headers over it. I could see if you're prototyping something different than the normal iOS sticky header style then this could be more flexible.

I was after something that was similar to the traditional sticky headers but would let me work with the content sections a bit more dynamically and without keeping track of y positions and layer order etc. Also allows a bit more organisation in the layer list.

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