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Robert M
Posted May 14 - Read on Facebook

Howdy, fellow Framers,

I recently purchased Framer and The Framer Book by Tes Mat.

Shortly after doing so, I challenged myself to create 100 prototypes in 100 days. Simple stuff first with the intention to create more elaborate prototypes as time went along.

Tomorrow (April 20th) marks Day 10/100. I figured I'd share with you all in case you wanted to follow along, offer critique in the form of smarter ways to prototype in Framer, or perhaps even learn from the Framer files I share.

Heres the link:



MaoYang Chien

Excuse me, Would you like to share your examples to Github? That would be great!

Lauren Nielsen

Love this. I'll try to join in!

Robin Cai

I love it.

Daniel Chen

I'm loving it

Ivan Uvarov

Awesome challenge!

Brittany Bowman Gregory

This is really awesome! Thanks for sharing. :)

Pondd Suwitcha Sugthana

Where is all the list of the 100 days? Or are you making the challenge as you go.

Super awesome - I will try to follow as well :)

Carlos A. Rivera

Oh, good idea.

Jorn van Dijk

Robert, this is amazing. Can't wait to see you progress!

Koen Bok

Man this is great. I'm going to watch how this evolves.

Benjamin Den Boer

Can't wait to follow along. Inspiring!

Krijn Rijshouwer

Awesome man! Definitely going to follow your progress!

Floris Verloop

Way to go man! Excited about this :)

JT DiMartile

Would be super cool to do a framerjs wide version of this with everyone sharing their source files as well!

Danny Nathan

Robert M Are you making up the exercises and then tackling them from scratch, or are you pulling from other sources for tutorials? I was hoping to follow in your footsteps, but didn't see a source/starting point.

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