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Jesse Brack
Posted Apr 22 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone been experiencing weirdness with the PageComponent since the big update when running a prototype on a phone (Galaxy S5 in my case)? I can't cycle through pages like I usually do with methods like snapToNextPage, the page will begin to slide like it should when moving to the next page but then stops and resets back to its original position. The PageComponent behaves as expected within the Framer app, just not when testing on a phone.

Running the same prototype on my phone through Framer Studio instead of the new Framer app functions as expected.


Jesse Brack

Here's what I tested on the Galaxy S5: snapToNextPage doesn't behave as expected on the click event.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Jesse Brack, thanks for sharing your file. So, on a Galaxy S5 this doesn't snap to the next page on taps? It always stays on the blue page? Sounds like maybe two events are fired at the same time and are interfering with one another.

Jesse Brack

Thanks for the reply Benjamin Den Boer! It does stay on the blue page, it'll make a slight jerking motion as if it's about to move to the next page but then reset.

I tried to debug the only two events I have listed with print statements and tapping only fires one event. Is there another way I can check if some other event is firing?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Instead of click could you try touchStart?

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