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Keith Lang
Posted Apr 20 - Read on Facebook

Feature request: Support for HSB color (in addition to HSL). Designer-y stuff often shows HSB color picker (which I'm emulating)


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Keith Lang — hmm, you can probably find some RGB to HSV/HSB conversion methods online, which you can implement to work with our color class. Perhaps you can include one of these as a module for your project.

Ah, there's one in here, for example:

Keith Lang

Thanks Benjamin! Yes, I did take this path, although it took me some time to debug. Although, please do consider it…
Because 1. Framer otherwise goes to great efforts to support color.
2. HSB (not HSL) is used by the default Apple picker as well as popular third parties like Sketch... IMO a more intuitive color model than HSL.

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