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Scott Simpson
Posted Apr 23 - Read on Facebook

Anyone have any thoughts about the potential flexibility of recreating as much of a design as possible in Framer versus importing a design? I am trying to determine a work flow best practice.


Andrew Nalband

Scott Simpson - I rarely use sketch or other design tools when prototyping in Framer. I've been "Framer-first" for a while. Certain things like designing with loops are far easier if you start them right in Framer. I believe Jordan Robert Dobson said something similar recently.

Stephen Crowley

I'm the opposite. I ping-pong between Framer/Sketch. I use Sketch to organize the flow and build my assets and then import to Framer. I will do this continuously as we refine and bump up the fidelity.

Scott Simpson

I decided to to a little more in Photoshop, and a little less in Framer. It helped simplify learning a bit for me.

Koen Bok

I think it really depends on what you want to design. For example, doing responsive design in Sketch isn't great. Although we can make it even a lot better in Framer too.

Ed Chao

I've done full design in framer before. It turns out most designs are boxes, circles, and text :)

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