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Manfred Richie Neustifter
Posted Apr 19 - Read on Facebook

I understand there is no scope to export finished framer output to use in development/production application. To what degree can code in Framer be reused in dev of production code?

How can I set up a project to optimise using framerjs code to re-use it later in a production applications (eg: in a Fuse project)??


Jordan Robert Dobson

I would just break your logic out into many different functions so it's clear what each does and you can potentially reapply that logic in your app.

Jordan Robert Dobson

You can also definitely use states, animations, etc to define what you need or how something should work in an app.

Manfred Richie Neustifter

Thx Jordan, given that framer is mostly going to be used by startups and designers/devs that are more resource contrained than in bigger co.s, this is going to be a huge utility for us who need to get work into production with as few touches as possible... cc Andrea Scrivano

Jordan Robert Dobson

When I build out components for iOS I tend to move over a lot of my logic to swift.

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