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Michael McKenna
Posted Apr 19 - Read on Facebook

I'm new to programming, trying to make my nav more dynamic than visible on and off. I have unique active states for each tab with an active state and hover (think web like the Facebook nav above, "Discussions" ...). I have sketch layers for each state. I want to use an array (I think) ... My example doesn't have the layers nested but I assume if the active and hover were child layers, you could target them better, with a loop? All the mobile examples I've looked at, the layers seem to be essentially the same, so targeting a layer seems less of a challenge this way because all the states are not unique to that button in the nav. I'm comparing to the photo feed tutorial on youtube where a layer can be copied to pull it out and stack on top ... I think my main problem is targeting children using arrays and loops! Please any help would be awesome!