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Aaron James
Posted Apr 18 - Read on Facebook

Friday I was playing around by using keyboard entry to control my prototype. I put together a quick demo of navigating a grid using keyboard arrow keys. The logic uses a two-dimensional array to identify the index of a layer for both the x and y axis upon key press. Take a peek at the code to get a better understanding. This may be useful for you in the future. Cheers!

Shout-out to Hayden Schoen for assisting me and showing me how powerful two-dimensional arrays can be.


Aaron James

A little peek-a-boo at the code.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Awesome. I have something to show you along these lines I've been working on. :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm avoiding the beeps and stuff too. :)

Wouter Van de Kamp

Yup, pretty cool stuff. Did something similar once, by animating random blocks in those two dimensional arrays.

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