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Dmitry Sholkov
Posted Apr 20 - Read on Facebook

Symbols loose it's Text override properties when imported to Framer.


Dmitry Sholkov

On a side note, thought would be super cool if also framer import would:
- Respect layers inside symbol and import them as a separate layers. Therefore you could create a grid of layers with sublayers and control them in loops.
- A quick way to put all instances of a symbol and it sublayers to an array that you could call out and control right a way.

Michael DeFazio

Same issue for me as well

Koen Bok

Cc Niels new symbols bug :-)

Michael Hanson

Had the same issue

German Bauer

Was this the case before 3.7?

Niels van Hoorn

Sketch didn't have overrides before 3.7 :)

Marc Krenn

Dat adoption rate of new Sketch features 😎 ...

Niels van Hoorn

This should be fixed in the latest Framer Beta:
Let me know if you still have issues with importing of symbols

Dmitry Sholkov

Thanks! that works 👌

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