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Samuel Barbosa
Posted Apr 19 - Read on Facebook

Hi All, I was trying to achieve a flip card effect but I stuck on two problems right now:
1. Its seems that the new version creates a bug with rotation-y (try this with old and new version of framer ). Same bug without the flipcard module.
2. We get better results if we don’t have any background (like in this pen but if you add a bg image it breaks).

Does anyone have a workaround here ?


Samuel Barbosa

To illustrate here is a video of the bug:

Sebastian Reed

It seems your background intersects with the card. Move the background further off in Z-axis so that it’s at least the card’s full width away from the card’s Z-position.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Jacky - maybe we can fix this.

Samuel Barbosa

An import from sketch seems to break things too, here is a video where i destroyed every layer i can and the bug still here. With the new drag and drop layer functionnality, it’s easy to find a workaround for this, but breaks the nice workflow (design > import from sketch > protototype):

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