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JL Flores Mena
Posted Apr 17 - Read on Facebook

One of the things that I liked from Origami Studio was a "Grid" component where you can change the number of columns, items and padding.

We don't have that on Framer, so I decided to create a module that does exactly that : )

Check the video. The module is available here:

The only requirement is to have your pngs numbered from 1 to n. By default this checks your images folder, but you can change that.

Hope this helps!


JL Flores Mena

Oh, and if the parent of this element is a ScrollComponent, the module handles updating everything behind the scenes, you should be able to add this dynamic layout to a ScrollComponent without much effort.

Matej Hrescak

Good stuff

Stephen Crowley

You the man Mena!

Debashish Paul


Arturo Goicochea

Rocking as always!

Zoltan Ray

Really useful, thanks!

Jonno Riekwel


Andreas Wahlström

Nice work! I did one with layers as input: maybe we should merge them? :)

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