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Piervincenzo Madeo
Posted Apr 24 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, facing some problems with Framer Generator and Sketch, is it just for me?



Koen Bok

Hey Piervincenzo try to restart both first. If that doesn't help send me an email at [email protected] with your Sketch file and I'll see what is going on.

Piervincenzo Madeo

Already restarted, still problems. I think it's related to the 3.7 update for Sketch.
I'm sending you an email. As usual, thank you Koen.

Andy Cetnarskyj

Sketch 3.7 caused loads of issues for our team so rolled back to 3.6.1

Alex Chan

I'm getting the same issue (Sketch 3.7.1 (28215) and Framer Generator 3.0.62 (66)). Imports directly into Framer seem to work fine. I haven't tried downgrading Sketch yet though.

Koen Bok

Our beta changes are not in the Generator yet. They should land somewhere this week.

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