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Eugene Dobrovolsky
Posted Apr 18 - Read on Facebook

I'm trying to make an item draggable after LongPress, but I specifically don't want dragging to enable if I started dragging before LongPressStart. I'm attaching a short clip. I'm first showing how it should work and then how it shouldn't (imagine a list that you want to reorganise). Guys, please, help.


Koen Bok

Hey Eugene, it's a lot easier to help if you share your prototype. Just click share in the toolbar an past the link with your question here.

Eugene Dobrovolsky
George Kedenburg III

try storing the original x and y of the touch on longpressstart and then check to make sure it hasn't changed before you enable draggable

Marc Krenn

This one here may seem a bit like an overkill at first but it works best for me: #teamPan

There are multiple ways to do this depending on what you're exactly trying to do, for instance if you want to cancel the longPress if the finger/cursor leaves the layer or not. In the file above I've decided NOT to cancel longPress but if you that's what you want, ping me and I'll modify it for you, Eugene.

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