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Robert Thompson
Posted Sep 08 - Read on Facebook

Who else is a User of FramerJS that is a Programmer with Design Experience: I am a programmer + designer, which can sometimes be difficult as things have been changing in the past 4yrs quickly.

I’ve used Greensock GSAP, I’ve done ES6, I use Swift in everything now from AWS Lambda servers and EC2 images.I also have a very extensive background in what was a good product (flash, uh-uh :-/) from the year it was introduced in 1996-97 as FutureSplash.

So I, and I'm hoping others here, have a deep thirst for good design and the ability the produce real products and responsive sites from a product like Framer.

I’m looking for ways to develop a Plug-in, or somehow use Framer to use it’s Coffeescript (and its models like Utils) to export to either ES6 / ES2015 Javascript, or in the case of Xcode, Swift code with Resources into XCode; even playgrounds.

Some may have heard the news that Google is already branched off a project from open source Swift which is very-very exciting news as it will directly compile to NDK (native dev kit) and be high performance.These are interesting times.


Ke Wang

The code pen in your article ( returns a 404, would you update it? I'm so curious to see how to do it

Jordan Robert Dobson

Nice I have a similar path.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Do you see the path? I've gotten to work but I've had to drop the SVG jnto the Dom using framer Layers.

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