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Robert Thompson
Posted Apr 15 - Read on Facebook

Dear Framer Team, do you follow and monitor useful components and try to integrate them, e.g., check this one out. These come out every day. A Plug-in program for Exporting or integrates Components like this would be great.


Chris Camargo

You don't need to wait for the Framer team to integrate new components. You can build them yourself. Here are some built by others:

Robert Thompson

Chris Camargo Thanks, but the link you provided for components appear to be just FramerJS projects ready to re-use.

That is not at all what I was referring to. What I meant above is the ability to Translate Coffee Script into ECMA Script 2015 (ES6), which would require not just code translation, but generating .js files to hold things like Utils() and other namespaces in FramerJS.

For Xcode, it would require translating the Coffee Script into Swift, and generating assets. This is my hope for FramerJS in the future, and I'm trying to put it on the table that it can be done.

The github modules I referred to such as Ramotion, is for Xcode, and it's a simple matter of the FramerJS team creating something like an iOS reference/namespace such as iOSComponents().

I've looked at all the products out there, and FramerJS is the only one, I believe, that has the capability to do this. Adobe has dropped the ball in several of their products, so I'm not keen on paying $29/$49 month (which I don't until it expires) for a product that in all likelihood will not be as efficient as FramerJS. There's a reason why Sketch and FramerJS work so well on OS X.


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