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Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker
Posted Apr 16 - Read on Facebook

Just a thought: I find myself wishing there was a central, searchable repository of modules somewhere. Kinda like most browsers have a single place to find extensions with user ratings, top downloads, etc. There are so many fantastic modules being written, but it's hard to keep track of them all or find ones you vaguely remember if you don't know the exact name.

I'm aware NPM is available in Framer, so I guess one could do it through the existing infrastructure if everyone adopted it, if only there was a more convenient way to search and browse Framer specific packages.

Anything like that on the horizon?


Ben Rodenhäuser

"fpm install DevicePixelRatio" :-) that'd be cool ...

Robert Thompson

If you're asking about a Plug-ins feature Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker, I totally agree. In fact, I'd like to create a plug-in that would potentially use any Framer modules and the code for the design being worked on into (1) An actual ECMA Script 2015 page (not just a simulation), and (2) Export the design to an Xcode project with assets, or an Android project with assets with Swift being the main code for the Xcode and Android projects (Android is adopting the Swift language).

Chris Camargo

Have you tried Not as convenient as NPM, but it's a good place to search for modules.

Koen Bok

This is most definitely on our roadmap, likely based on npm.

Robert Thompson

Are there any docs on writing modules now, APIs?

There exists things like Utils.* Layers.* and Sliders.* if there were Plugin.<devname>.* that's all great.

But I think if you get into npm or even carthage, it would be over the users head.

A plug-in method for devs is great, but I was referring more to taking existing FramerJS designs and Exporting them as working completions in Javascript ES6 that would import any of the reference Utils.* Layers.* Sliders.* as encoded javascript.

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