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Naman Kalkhuria
Posted Apr 19 - Read on Facebook

importing large sketch files is slow... is it the right way or should you only import images and create action layers on top


Stephen Crowley

Hey Naman, one trick you can do is use an * at the end of your group or artboard names to flatten the image that is imported. You can also use - at the end of a group or artboard to let Framer know to ignore artboards or groups when importing. Hope this helps!

Benjamin Den Boer

What Stephen said, or you can try to ungroup some layers you know you don't necessarily want to target in Framer. :-)

Naman Kalkhuria

Its difficult to come up with a strategy especially when the design is unfinished and more artboards could be added latet

Koen Bok

The beta should have a more speedy import.

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