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Josh Peters
Posted May 24 - Read on Facebook

Help / Bug
Using Benjamin Den Boer's Audio module and found that including "audio.showProgress = true" will make the playback audio stutter. If it's removed it will not stutter.

Can someone please see if they have the same issue. Have a fix? Even better.


Josh Peters

I'm also on the first build of the new Framer.

Rachel Kieun Park

hi Josh! It's probably a little late to reply, but I recently ran into this problem and have gotten help from framer team about this. You have to replace:
@progressBar.on "change:value", =>
@player.currentTime = @progressBar.value
@progressBar.on Events.SliderValueChange, =>
currentTime = Math.round(@player.currentTime)
progressBarTime = Math.round(@progressBar.value)
@player.currentTime = @progressBar.value unless currentTime == progressBarTime
in your file in the module.

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