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Regi Ellis
Posted Apr 15 - Read on Facebook

Thought it be better then writing it all down ...


John Riordan

In the case of the .frame method it can be especially misleading/confusing. You would think that the "frame" that you see when you over the layer is a representation of the .frame but it's not. I haven't looked at the documentation in a while, but is there a method to reference the "current frame" (that takes into account scaling etc.) rather than "true frame" (which is what .frame is)?

Regi Ellis

John Riordan There has to be a method for this, as framer is able to correctly pull this information with hovering over the label in the side menu. It just may not be documented or it is not being exposed. I will be deep diving into the framer code to see what I can pull out. Some methods maybe "half-baked" or only for internal use, which may be why its not included.

Tes Mat

Yeah, ’scale’ is more like a ‘current projection’. This prototype (from my book) tries to visualize it. (the green border is the .frame) I don’t know either if there is something like .frame that would contain the ‘visible frame’

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