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Koen Bok
Posted Apr 14 - Read on Facebook

Our friends at Facebook announced Origami Studio yesterday. It is a design tool that uses visual programming to build things without limitations, just like Framer. If you are into design tools, you should definitely check it out.

Congrats Andrew, Matej, Brandon, Julius and everyone else.


Sadok Cervantes Rabadan

So which one is better? Framer or Origami? :) Seriously tho, which tool fits best to what scenario?

Koen Bok

There is no real answer there. Both tools have a very different approach. You can pick which one fits your mental model or current project best.

Adria Jimenez

I've been using both for a long time, as many of you know I have online courses for both and what I can say from my experience is that Framer it's amazing for how easy is to share your prototypes with your team, just a click of a button and you can send an email with a link to all your team. Not only that but you can easily get your prototype in a bunch of phones and go down the street to do some user tests. Also Framer is not mobile centric, you can prototype for any device you imagine while Origami is more focused on mobile. Last but not least Framer has no limits, if you know to code it, you can do it. It's extensible and modularizable so you can build whatever you want and there is a big community of people releasing new modules constantly.
So that's why I normally use Framer for my daily work :)

Pauly Silver

Wow, that's awesome; I just saw a few tutorials; and I'm all over this.

Kevin Cannon

I'm curious how this compares to something like Pixate. I always found Origami quite tricky to use.

Lương Đức Duy

I used to try it but it quite complicated for me. And it also need QuarztComposer. It mean you have to had an Apple Developer account :(

Gökhan Kurt

I think it's a better alternative rather than framerjs for designers. In addition, it's for free. Framer is good but it's an expensive software.

German Bauer

Choices! Experience makers never had it better.


Best of both worlds. Use the best tool for the job. They both have pros and cons. I like using both for different reasons much like I use a hammer for one thing and a mallet for another.

Julius Tarng

Thanks for the love, Koen. Toasting to the next wave of tools ;)

Kashif Vikaas

Origami doesn't have the configuration tools that Framer does. Free is never free

Daniel Caine

Pretty cool how you guys are showing appreciation to the Facebook guys despite being in the same market.

Haven't tried Origami for a few years but this will be interesting to see how it has progressed.

For anyone wondering about trying things over Framer: different tools fit different scenarios, but Framer is by far the biggest help so far for me personally in making coding seem interesting and fun to designers. Learning to code is obviously a wonderful skill to have for numerous reasons, and if you keep trying, you'll see improvements and learn so much very quickly with Framer.

Thanks again guys!

Ade Adegoke

Where can I download it from?

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