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Israel C. Evans
Posted Apr 14 - Read on Facebook

I am new to framer and I am only able to use the windows version of Framer.js. I've found a load of great resources for learning Framer, but they almost all assume you'll be using Framer Studio. Apart from a few helpful starting guides, which were linked to from the resources page, are there any recommendations or resources for Windows-based users of this schnazzy tool?

I'm sorry for asking the following question, but I've seen surprisingly little on this subject other than statements that Framer.js (sans Studio) works just fine on windows, so here goes: Are there any plans for a windows version of Framer Studio? With most other platform bound software, there's usually a louder conversation on the topic of "woe is me, why can't X be on Y platform". Yes, that's me a little, but mostly I'm just curious and looking into learning more about this system.


Jordan Robert Dobson

It's more about them finding a good Windows developer. They aren't easy to find and everyone there is a Mac developer.

If you know someone get them in touch with Koen or Jorn.

Otherwise I've seen a few articles that have worked and I know Weston has set it up a few times as well.

Bryan Xling

+1 & more questions: since most of its features are not available on windows, is it worth investing time into it? If not: Which crossplatform alternatives, preferably code oder Node based would you suggest?

Israel C. Evans

Thanks for the comments! It seems that Apple made a really good move when they created their core libraries. There are so many cool applications being created that seem to use these great tools.

Weston Thayer

I had good luck with this setup last year, but haven't tried it in a while:

Israel C. Evans

That sounds great. I've been following this guide this week and it seems to work pretty well.

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