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Eyal Shahar
Posted Apr 14 - Read on Facebook

The logo of the new Origami (by Facebook) feels familiar...


George Kedenburg III

The curse of simple shape based logos

Eyal Shahar

you mean folded-paper-effect in these exact colors

Scott Johnson

In fairness to Origami, its name is....Origami.

Robert Cooper

Origami came first 😀

Javier Eduardo Treviño

my main beef with Origami is that you can't embed the prototypes in a browser or any other more shareable format, oh also it doesn't support mirror for Android

Affan K


Assen Tzekin

The logo may feel familiar but the price does not :)

Koen Bok

What George says. I'm sure both logos will evolve over time. Or at least, the color palette :-)

Tibor Cseh

This is pretty much just a coincidence of the current trends. And blue + white is always a safe choice.

Javier Eduardo Treviño

both products and logos are dope

Ed Bok

: two great companies!

Assen Tzekin

The logo may feel familiar but the price is not :)

Michal Langmajer

You mean: The logo of the new Framer feels familiar to original Origami logo...

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