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Adam Deher
Posted Jun 23 - Read on Facebook

Hello good people, I am building a prototype that does not conform to any of the default devices offered. So, I have my canvas set to "No device." But I would like the whole canvas to be visible while building out the prototype. I'd like to be able to set its view to "Fit" in the same way I could when using a default device canvas. Any ideas on how to make this happen? Thanks.


Juan J. Ramirez

I had a similar problem. What I did was Mirroring to the Browser. Adjust the Zoom there if it still doesn't fit.

Márcio Ribeiro

Hey Adam, you can create your own device mockup. Try to use the template of this code using the Custom Device snippet on Framer.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Koen Bok - I was noticing this again with custom devices not presenting in fit mode.

Adam Deher

Sweet! thanks for the help everyone.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I ended up having to scale it down and then forgot to bug report this.

In the docs there is a function you can use to scale down the device in the meantime.

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

+1! We do a lot of TV UI work, so Framer is a lifesaver since it can handle keyboard events. Just need to get them to fit the window in full screen mode ideally. Glad I wasn't the only person struggling with this :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

For now I'm doing this: Utils.delay .1, -> Framer.Device.setDeviceScale(.33, true)

Jordan Robert Dobson has the snippet you want.

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