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Noah Levin
Posted Apr 14 - Read on Facebook

If we're using — what's the best translation of framer's spring(.. , .. , ..) to hand-off?

I'm new to it, but looks like they support stuff like:


Is this using rk4 or dho? Just looking for best practices to make our lives easier.


George Kedenburg III

I think i had to convert all my springs to dho for them to work with pop

Noah Levin

How did you find stiffness, damping, mass, tolerance to map? I guess Mass should probably work 1:1, but how about the others?

Koen Bok

We are looking into adding Framers spring implementation to pop so we can keep the inputs.

Jakub Heglas

Just a quick note: if you're using `spring` parameters, `dynamics` ones are calculated for you in the POP framework automatically, as far as i know. `dynamics` parameters are available only if you specifically need to bend the physics to your own liking, which you will need to do pretty much never.

Ben Cunningham

new to framer but been using pop for years.. from a quick look it looks like spring-rk4 (the tension, friction, velocity one) maps directly to the POP interface. damping and stiffness are used under the hood but currently aren't available when configuring a pop animation directly, so Koen you prolly wouldn't have to do that much stuff to make it work

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