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Christian Ressör
Posted Apr 13 - Read on Facebook


I'm on a laptop and when I'm working in Framer there is no way for me to move around in the preview window when zoomed in. The "Hand"-tool is greyed out for me and I guess that's the tool to use for moving around in the preview window.

Any ideas?


Andreas Wahlström

The hand button adds a photo of a hand holding the device. It doesn't work in "fullscreen/no device mode" which is why it's greyed out :) It's currently not possible to move the canvas around, as a far as I know. You can try the mirror button and open the preview in a browser to get a larger canvas.

Christian Ressör

Aha ok, I guess the hand button makes sense! It would be good to be able to move around in the preview window, especially when you now can move around objects visually without code.

Thank you for your reply!

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