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Angus Zhu
Posted Apr 14 - Read on Facebook

1) 3D rotation looks really glitchy on both Chrome and Framer Studio (Safari looks good).

2) The updated framer.js seems to be glitchy on 3D rotation too (while the old framer.js works fine).

Any solutions?


Jacky Lee

Jade Tan Swea Phin your face is glitchy in new update 😂

Hmm Angus Zhu I might take a look and update that module. Or if anyone already knows a solution feel free to make a PR here :)

Jacky Lee

Seems like it can be fixed if you just push the background layer to the back a little.

Krijn Rijshouwer

Thank you for reporting! We'll look into it.

Ahmet Bekteş

Yes, I had the same problem and some of the examples are not working well with chrome but good with safari... Also the butterfly Apple watch example has problem.

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