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Jérémie Acquisto
Posted Apr 13 - Read on Facebook

Hello there, How are you?
I m new on this group and I need some input from you. I saw FramerJs long time ago but I never took the time to jump on it. Now I want try :) But some question come to me:
- I m sketch user and with framer, do it work well toegether? Do it really improve your workflow with it?
- I often use programes to animate my layout for client presentation, Is it more easy to do it with framerJs?
- Is it easy to "learn" all the aspect of the software when you know a little bite the code?
- And last question, is the code usable for the production or not?

Thanks for your attention.
Have a nice day.


Adria Jimenez

Hello Jérémie Acquisto
Here are the answers:

- Yes Sketch and Framer play very well together :)
- Which programs do you use? Framer is easy to use once you know it, but if you don't know how to code, at the beginning it can be a bit hard to learn. But once you learn it I think is the most easy to use tool out there
- It depends but if you know a little, it will be easier to start for sure :)
- Not really, the code is just for prototyping. But I've seen some people that uses it for production, but Framer is not made with that purpose.

I hope it helps :)

Jérémie Acquisto

Hello Adria Jimenez, thanks for your answer that help me. Actually I m using Principle to do animation / interaction, no code required, only a time line and animation... I don't really know if it's good to switch or no... I really like the idea of improve my code skills and also prototyping faster, but the most important is to do more and good things in less time :)

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