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Randi Dumaguet
Posted Apr 13 - Read on Facebook

Hello, there's no update button on the dialog, there's an option to skip the update but no option to install it.


Dustin Goodman

I just downloaded the trial of the new app and entered in my previous lic number. That was the only thing I could find out to update the app. Seems like they dropped the ball on current customers to update.

Randi Dumaguet

Yeah, I ended up doing that. It just doesn't feel natural to have to find a way to update an app. Great release though and worth the trouble.

Rob Jones

I downloaded the trial of Framer and it picked up my Framer Studio license automatically. It does say Framer updates end Oct 2016, though.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah it's an entirely new build as far as I know.

Chris Camargo

Randi, Dustin, what version of OS X are you on?

Randi Dumaguet

Chris, its El Capitan 10.11.4 (15E65)

Jason Wiener

i just updated from the launch prompt in the old version and now it's giving... (10.10.5)

Koen Bok

We had to make this update explicit for technical reasons, and point you to the site. This is the default updater dialog for that :-/

Bran Young


Randi Dumaguet

Koen, recent documents is always empty. Not sure if you're aware of this bug already

Hari Abinash

Well I think there is a substantial shift from v60(Framer Studio) to v61(Framer aka new Framer Studio w/ Auto-Code). Probably that is why it's not showing up. You could download it from the site directly and install it, it will work.

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