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Kennen Pflughoeft
Posted Apr 13 - Read on Facebook

I just started a trial a few days ago, and downloaded the new version today, and now its saying my trial is done. Is this really a 5 days trial?


Jordan Robert Dobson

8 hours I believe.

Owen Chen

they upped the price and shorten'd the trial period to 8hours. #goodluck

Kennen Pflughoeft

Wow.. I was expecting a 30 day trial... that crazy fast!

Kennen Pflughoeft

Anybody got a coupon??

Lance Quejada

Similar case with the days to 8 hours trial. Looking for a coupon as well.

Eelco Lempsink

The trial is for 8 hours of active use. Please email us ([email protected]) if you feel that’s insufficient or if your trial expired before you had a chance to fully try Framer.

Bran Young

The trial is for 8 hours of active use.

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