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Richard Kho
Posted Apr 12 - Read on Facebook

I'm using ScrollComponent to create a scrollable list within my prototype. I've used ScrollComponent.contentInset to 'hide' the top item in the list.

Using this method, I'm not able to create something that represents a 'hidden' button that can be revealed and stuck in place once dragged out and fully exposed (i.e. the search bar in Apple's for iOS). I previously hacked something together using the .draggable method on the ScrollComponent's superLayer (before the ScrollComponent was introduced), but that didn't let me tuck the top item under another layer.

Any ideas for what I can do here?


George Kedenburg III

dont use inset, just set the scrollview's scrollX to be initially past the first item

Richard Kho

So I've commented out contentInset and have done the following:

(scrollLayer is my instance of ScrollComponent):

scrollLayer.scrollY = -139;

However, this doesn't seem to do anything.

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