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Mark J Harvey
Posted Apr 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I've tried to learn Framer quite a few times but every time I struggle immensely at doing the most basic things like getting a layer to be scrollable or giving a layer a swipe property.
Today with the new Framer release I decided to take another crack at it as the updates looked really good.
I am trying to do basic "mobile onboarding" screens with circle pagination. I have read this and been through the documentation but am still struggling.

What is happening is
- my 3 paging screens are changing y position when I swipe to them
- the first screen has a background that is actually wider than the screen.width and I would like that to show when I try to swipe past it (left edge)
- when it first loads the first screen has a very low y position (incorrect). Once you try to swipe it, it changes it but cannot go back to it

Things I would like to do after I fix these issues:
- have other layers animate when the screen is paged to (not sure how to describe this)