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Koen Bok
Posted Apr 21 - Read on Facebook

The new Framer is here. We're incredibly excited to introduce Auto-Code—an entirely new way to design in Framer. For the first time ever, we’re combining the power of code with the ease of visual editing. This makes the highest level of design and prototyping accessible to everyone. We think you’ll love it, and can’t wait for you to give it a try.

See our new frontpage —

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Andreas Wahlström

Congrats to the whole team! :)

Devin Abbott

Great job! Exactly what I expected from you guys ;)

Sergey Voronov

great guys, just no download link for now))

Sergey Voronov

download page gives us v60 still

Russell Wyatt


Juan J. Ramirez

Game Changer!!

Sergey Voronov

sorted with refresh), congrats, u are amazing)

Dave Crow

So great...amazing work!

Koen Bok

If you don't get the right download link, clear your browser cache, or wait a bit :-)

Benjamin E Saravia

Whoa!! nice improvement, totally worth the wait. Looking forward to work with it !

Joey Lamelas

Is this magic???

Adam Kirkwood Rebecca Li Check this out.

Dan Clarke

Epic! Great work guys

Daniel Lauding


Silvia Bormüller

Great job guys! Luckily no framigami :D

Wouter Van de Kamp

Cool stuff guys. :)

Jayson Charles Hobby

So much yes!

Elliott Gibb

Amazing work. Congrats!

Amelia Liarakos

I'm so excited to get a chance to use this! Looks awesome! Exactly what I was hoping for.

Dylan Opet

Back at it again Framer! Woo!

Jinn Rong Wang


Naema Baskanderi

awesome stuff. I want to use it now...where can I get the new version??

Rhys Merritt

Wow.. Incredible job guys! I can see Framer gaining a ton of users over the next few weeks!! Can't wait to tell all my mates about this update! and hopefully get them started on it!

Adrian Forster

Mad skills guys. Love it.

Christopher Hernandez Magcamit

incredible job! Can't wait to try it out

Jenton Lee

if we already bought framer, can we just update to this latest version? or is this a separate sku?

Gordon Hatusupy

wtf ... :D

Chaitanya Mendu

This is super cool and awesome stuff. Can not wait to try it. Incredible work!! Framer rock........

Harsha Halvi

Pricing is too steep

Brandon Faulkner

I recently began evangelizing Framer throughout my UX Org and people loved the idea but were weary of it being very heavily code-based. This release takes vast steps towards removing that anxiety and will likely grow in adoption across my Org... You guys make me/us look like superheroes! Thanks for your continued work

Steven Chang

Adam Barnum

Jesse Brack

I'm excited to check out the update! Current versions of Framer Studio say the update is free to existing users, but I can't seem to find any method to update to it, anyone figure it out?

Peter Gr

This update is everything!!! I have fantasized about Framer working like this

Kasper Andersen

This is really great, can wait to show it to my team!
Is it to early for a feature request? 😬
It feels like you missed the last step in building an interaction. You can create a layer, then you can add a state to it, then you can add an event to the layer, but then it would be really great if you could ad the state switcher from the insert menu. It would mean you could do a full interaction without any code.

But you know, it is just a small thing, the update is crazy good!

Jeff French

You guys continue to blow my mind. So excited for the new visual editing and auto code options. Keep up the great work!

German Bauer

Nice on-ramp to prototyping Framer people! Congrats, that should unlock many more designers to give extensible building of UI via code a chance.

Kyuho Lee

Fantastic and thank you.

Ed Bok

congrats you all with this big effort. Cherio!

Shabbir Hussain Sihorwala

This is awesome. Running out of superlatives here. Definitely buying it.

Adam Deher

Any time on when ver61 will be available for download?

Isaac Kim

Is framer.js accessible to learn as a complete javascript beginner? Does this new update make it much easier to jump on framer?

Kristoffer Brady

Fantastic update Framer team! Congrats to you!!!

Chris Hey

Congrats to the incredible new master piece. :) Will there be an upgrade or do I have to buy an entirely new version?

Das Sunderdas

Very useful upgrade. Thank you!!!

Jorge Escalante

This will be a update to the current framer software or a completely new product ?

Javier Eduardo Treviño

This is amazing, good job, makes me want to stop using Sketch and just switch to Framer for everythang, I agree that code can be one of the best design tools, just look at the web platform and the things you can do with Sass and JS . BTW i see a Principle influence as well as from Invision Craft in this new version of Framer

Frank Rodriguez

My mind is blown, great job guys!!

Andrew Nalband

Koen Bok Jorn van Dijk - heads up, I see a couple people confused about how to get the new version. I'll humbly suggest a wording change on your dialog that might be helpful:

"This major update is free to all existing users. Go to to learn more about Auto-Code. If you already have a license, just download the trial version and your license will be imported automatically."

Nelson Vasconcelos

The examples on the site are not working: Input and Data (Last Chrome on Mac)

Matt Wujek


Lukas Max

Its amazing that you create something that generates auto-code. Serious!! But FramerJS was amazing because you have to code to create nice prototypes. Now it is simple like sketch :(

Calvin Wilson

This is dope!

Eyal Shahar

This is how client side coding should work! Thank you!

Javier Eduardo Treviño

imagine browser vendor implementing this in Chrome or Safari

Kevin Cannon

How do I download it? It says go to the website, but I only see the trial!

Thomas Aylott

WOAH! Super awesome. Congrats!

Justin W Tiemann

How just do this with animation!! Please!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Hughes

Congrats Koen Bok and team ! Huge release, new logo, updated website, can't wait to play with it over the coming days and weeks.

Chris Leckie

Damn Daniel.

Dave Armstrong

It's time I got into this I think!

Jeongmin Kim

You guys made a part of future.

Adhithya R Kumar

Holy shit. You guys just went Superman mode.

David Ross

Awesome new release! Can't wait to play with it!

Fan Chueng

It's amazing!

Max Petriv

Amazing update!

Steven Ren

that was a really great shot!!

Chris Chen


Chris Weeldreyer

Wow guys! Bravo

Mike Feldstein

This is so sick guys, congratulations

Lundi Noir

Is the code created in Framer useable in the real world or is this another throw away prototyping tool that still needs full development before release?

Marcus Alkemade

Somebody's been really busy! Looks top notch guys: even I will give it a serious try! Kudos!!

Aatur Harsh

Great tool becoming Greatest

Hari Abinash

Awesome... n Congrats.. :)

Aditya Pradhan

amazing update ! makes it so much easier to use !!!

Eddie E Givens Jr.

Nice! just in time because I just got back from my Framer Workshop at Creative South. This makes things soooo much easier! :)

Dave Armstrong

This may have been answered but a quick question. I plan and make minimal viable products for a number of sites mainly desktop. Does Framer allow for this interface or is it just geared to mobile?

Nicholas Mandelbaum

After playing a bit with the Auto-code, I really like it, but it really misses an important feature to be usable as in "Design with Code" = Adding text! With a text feature, it could replace Sketch as a design tool, but without it, I don't see when I would really use the Auto-code. Most design rely heavily on text no? Or just tell us when this feature is planned to be release :-D

Dimitri Nachtigal

Great Update guys!!!! Having so much fun

Eric Eisher

Congrats, team! Koen Bok, I'm noticing that my Sketch art boards are being imported with a background even though I have 'include in Export' turned off. It's messing with all my layers and I don't know what to do to fix the issue. Is this a known bug?

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