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Constantin Jacob
Posted Apr 14 - Read on Facebook

Honestly people, are there no bets running around what will happen today?
Why not have some fun within the community ;)

I'd love to see some bets and predictions but one should offer things. Like Dribbble invites or something

Does anyone dare?


Pedro Marques

I think Facebook bought them and they ditched CoffeeScript and now we'll use ReactJs for the interfaces and interactions.

Constantin Jacob

We have our first entry people 🎉
Gather around friends things are only getting started !

Rıza Selçuk Saydam

Jordan Robert Dobson

I think they are going to output prototypes in ASCII code instead of 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x.... Where does it end!!!

Silvia Bormüller

I think Framer + FB Origami becomes one.

Henrique Gusso

The logo similarities between Framer and Origami are clearly not an accident, so there's definitely some type of partnership coming out of today. Both apps could become part of the same family, merged into the same product (HOW?) or Origami may be discontinued.

In the communication about design prototyping in F8 they don't seem to mention the name Origami, only "tools" in general. So it could make sense to kill Origami and comfort people with "HEY HEY, BUT THE NEW FRAMER IS AMAZING, LOOK!". Origami seems to have a big community but bigger products have been killed in the past.

Facebook might have bought Framer, but if they did I'm sure it would continue to be maintained independently in Amsterdam, so it wouldn't make a lot of difference for the users.

Looking forward to seeing how wrong I was when Framer announces their new line of hardware products later today.

Joseph Decker

FramerJS might have an answer to Sketch and Adobe XD wanting to prototype within their program — We'll be able to design directly in FramerJS.

One Tool, One Face, Much coolness.

Koen Bok

Sorry conspiracy theorists, nothing planned with Facebook :-) Just a great new version of Framer.

Mike Hughes

How about "Framer expands into hardware prototypes.....Lego buys Framer" ! :-)

Rhys Merritt

I'm guessing Framer will be a UI / Code split, with predefined options - maybe taking the previous learning curve people faced away?

Guy Gunaratne

Rhys that's what I think. It's the toughest thing to get my other designer friends to start. a UI/Code split would get them in

Constantin Jacob

Okay guys I have to close this now becuase Mike Hughes just killed it. Please all go home. There is nothing to see here folks! 😂

Dude I actually just laughed out loud

Dennis Hatwieger

Framer buys Facebook .. ah?

Naema Baskanderi

I'm going with the UI/Code split that Rhys Merritt mentioned :)

Adrian Forster

I love the prospect of embedding framer protos in to artboards using the craft prototype tool.

German Bauer

Just saw it. Framer now outputs to 3D printers directly. It's the first digital prototyping tool that goes physical. So amazing

Devin Abbott

Framer adds direct manipulation (move, resize) to the canvas, layer list manipulation (change super/sub-layer relationships), and possibly layer generation (draw a rectangle, cmd+D to duplicate). These changes write back to the corresponding portion of your code.

It's a design/prototyping-friendly solution that really adds a lot of power. Doesn't solve the problem as well for engineers, but they are not the target user, so it's OK. I prototyped this kind of direct manipulation in Framer last year, and it was really great - I bet the Framer team's is even more mindblowing :)

Kennen Pflughoeft

If they do everything Lard just mentioned, I'd be the happiest designer in the world.

Sergio Majluf

Framer moves into ASP programming, leaving coffeescript/js behind

Хемингуэй Хлебушкин

My prediction: on the feature - Framer will integrate with Figma

Carlos A. Rivera

My prediction is that Framer.js is the new Oragami.

Jordan Robert Dobson

20 minutes until we find out.

JL Flores Mena

wow, the hype in this thread! Framer team, take notes, this tool has a huge future. (also, where can I buy Framer shares?)

Kennen Pflughoeft
Sergio Majluf

I love the OSX dock on the video. What else would you need?

Guy Gunaratne

Yep. You guys did it. Congrats on a serious and grand step forward. Bret Victor is out there somewhere giving a fist pump.

Rhys Merritt

I was close..

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