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Ricardo Clérigo
Posted Apr 14 - Read on Facebook

Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone has any guidance for going from prototype in framer to animation in swift/xcode? Our dev team ends up trying to recreate the animations manually but the effect is not quite the same. Help?


Aaron Benjamin

I've gotten similar head-scratches from devs. They're not sure what to do with a Framer prototype.

George Kedenburg III

This is a tough one. It's best to chat with your devs ahead of time and see how they prefer to have animations spec'd. Things like timings and easing curves are pretty universal and should be easily reused. Sometimes things like springs can become a bit trickier, but luckily there is this rad spring library for iOS:

Jordan Robert Dobson

It's all totally possible. The downside is there is also a huge gap of design minded devs that know the ins and outs of this stuff. Pop is good. There are a few others out there too even some native stuff that may/may not work.

Daniel Cortez

Anything in particular that's getting lost in translation? Layer movements and animations,spring animations, or transitions from view to view?

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