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Trevor Phillippi
Posted Apr 11 - Read on Facebook

Soooo until recently, for Sketch importing there was a nifty little undocumented layer property named "_info" that contained some sweet stuff, including whether a Sketch imported layer was of kind "text" and then within the "metadata" property was included the string and a mind-blowingly great array of CSS key/value pairs. I know this is the risk you take on when building stuff on undocumented properties but I was wondering if this info was moved somewhere else (doesn't look like it by JSON) or if there was a way for me to get these properties back somehow?


Koen Bok

Not in the current implementation, but I'll add it back soon. How were you using it?

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

I coulda sworn I've seen a module that does exactly what you describe (import Sketch text as dynamic, styled text), maybe it was yours? Was looking for it the other day and couldn't find it, would be an awesome feature. Hope you're able to bring it back to life :)

Andreas Wahlström

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker my TextLayer module does/did this. Maybe that's the one?

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