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Ben Rodenhäuser
Posted Apr 08 - Read on Facebook

It used to be that Framer would cut down all imported Sketch layers based on the size of the artboard they live on (i.e., if a layer is on an 800px wide artboard, than it will be 800px wide in Framer, even if the layer itself is wider in Sketch). But not anymore. I wonder: Is there a way to get back the old behaviour? Thanks, guys!


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Ben Rodenhäuser — you can easily replicate this behaviour by setting clip to the layer / placing a masking layer below. Or are you looking for the actual (visible) calculated width?

Ben Rodenhäuser

Yeah, I was indeed wondering if there was some way to cut down the actual width of the layer to the size of the containing artboard (I could of course prepare it in Sketch like that, but I would prefer to do it in Framer, if it's possible).

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