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Aleksandar Zezovski
Posted Apr 08 - Read on Facebook

How do I treat a Photoshop import as a layer? When I click on "Sveavägen" I'd like it to change screen to "homeView".

The module that's used is from:


Aleksandar Zezovski

Here's the project in Github:

Stephen Beaton

Hi! It look's like you have the Photoshop import as one group 'Grupp_1'. Framer creates layers automatically based on the groups within Photoshop.

If you make the "Sveavägen" button a group inside photoshop named, for example 'sveaButton' then in framer you could assign an event listener to it using psd.sveaButton.on Events.Click

More info on how to handle groups from Photoshop is here:

Stephen Beaton

This means also that the groups created in Photoshop or Sketch ar fully functional layers when imported and do not need to be recreated as a new Layer in the code. Good stuff!

Aleksandar Zezovski

That's really good stuff! Thank you for the help! :D

Chris Camargo

Glad to see the module is coming in handy. 😄

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