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George Kedenburg III
Posted Apr 28 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framer-ers!

Today we announced a bunch of improvements and new features for Facebook Live:

One of those features is Live Reactions, designed by Alex Cornell, a constant “wind” of reactions that flows across the screen reflecting what the viewers are feeling at any moment. In order to really feel what this was going to be like, I ended up making a pretty robust prototype version of our Live player with Live Reactions in Framer.

Building this prototype allowed us to get really accurate feedback in user testing (we customized the prototype per participant), it allowed us to quickly tweak animation easings and little details like the alternating burst colors, and it also made the transition from design to engineering much more smooth.

Here is the prototype I built:

It’s definitely not perfect, and could probably be cleaned up a bit, but thats the best part about prototypes: it’s ok if it gets a little hack-y here and there, we just want to see if it works.

Hopefully you find something interesting in here that you can apply to your own prototypes!


Koen Bok

Wooop congats on shipping George! Great work!

Jorn van Dijk

This is amazing work. Congrats!

Debashish Paul

woohoo!! :)

Josh Puckett

Did you code it tho?

Agisilaos Tsaraboulidis

Congrats on shipping George! Amazing work indeed!!

Stephen Crowley

ME-DI-UM POST! ...but seriously, this is awesome.

Stephen Crowley

I can't wait to see stuff like this:

Fran Pérez

Super cool! :D

Patrick Wong

you beast

Justin Graham

Nice work y'all

George Kedenburg III

Oh I forgot to mention, the wind noise is animated using this layered animation technique I learned from Pasquale's awesome video:

Kelsey Higham

This is really impressive!

Out of curiosity, why'd you choose Framer instead of Origami?

Eddie Wieczorek


Deshaun Campbell

OMG I LOVE IT!!! If you haven't used an app named "YouNow", Facebook live reminds me of it. It's super cute, good job FB!

Chris Chen

This is just too awesome !!

Ashwin Khurana


Davey Heuser

Hey this looks awesome! Would you mind if I'd send you a DM regarding editing the prototype per test user? I'm currently doing my graduation internship and I'm curious to hear your approach :)

Henrique Gusso

Beautiful man, beautiful.

Holly Jade Chan

"so lit tho" says George Kedenburg III within the prototype's comment feed.


German Bauer

Sharp prototype!
Probably worth looking at Periscope, they're trying to solve this too.

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