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Lukas Max
Posted Apr 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, i have a strange problem. I worked on a prototype the last days. Now I want to share it so that i can send around a link. But if i want to do this i get this error message (see the picture). If I open a new project and I try to share it it works completely fine. Does anyone know what happend or what I have to do?


Jörg Lehmann

Moin Lukas :) Maybe the project is too big in filesize? This sometimes causes an upload error. You could try uploading your framer project to your own server as a quick work around..

Lukas Max

Ah I tried it without the video. Now it works. But 35 MB for a prototype is not that much i guess. Maybe Framer can work on it to handle sizes like that for upload :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Compress your video. If you can yeah I think they did up it recently even.

Sergio Majluf

Ive had that problem with smaller prototypes too. Just kept trying and it uploaded one out of three or four times

Pasquale D'Silva

I usually toss video into dropbox & link from thereif it's too large

Koen Bok

Hmm it should throw an error on too large projects, and we recently upped it to 50mb I thought. I'll look into this.

Lukas Max

but anyway it is an amazing tool- Thanks for that.

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