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Peter Kubin
Posted May 19 - Read on Facebook

anybody out there, who did a kind of ken burns style slide animation with framer or could point me to an existing example?... i know, it's cheesy... ;¬}


Kars Alfrink

No reply, eh? I am actually planning to do this myself for a project. Any resources you could share would be most welcome.

Eelco Lempsink

Here’s how you can do it by setting the origin of a layer and then animate the scale:

Peter Kubin

hi kars, i believe, i finally cracked it, after taking some detours throughout the animation event handling jungle i encountered... totally my bad, i am sure... but this way it does the job for me, just let me know, what you think.

Peter Kubin

oh.. and still... if anybody knows a better way of doing it or might has any suggestion on how to make this animation any smarter... shoot!... ;¬}

Kars Alfrink

Thanks Eelco Lempsink and Peter Kubin! I hope to find the time to go over these today and see if I can roll my own. When I do I will share back here.

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