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Essie Zare
Posted Apr 04 - Read on Facebook

Hey Everyone,

Yes Me again :)

Is there a way to loop through all layers in a specific prototype?

For example I uploaded a big chunk of my design from sketch however through the course of the development I've added a lot of layers on top of it. Is there an easy way to loop through every layer to make them move off the screen or am I stuck calling my sketch component and my individually created components separately to reset their values to move.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Juan J. Ramirez

You can create a layer that is the parent of the layers you want to move or hide.

Jonas Treub

Not sure if that's the best way to setup a prototype but here you go:

Essie Zare

ahh ok thanks! When you say not the best way do you mean to have half imported through sketch or moving everything off the screen at once?

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