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Joshua Crowley
Posted Apr 04 - Read on Facebook

Anyone have any tips/resources for handing over framer prototypes to developers (specifically web). Like for example, if they want to recreate a layer's drag properties is there a specific javascript library they should look too? Framer gives you all this power to be quite creative and inventive, but that also can create a lot of tension for the devs, who have to make it bulletproof.


Kevin Cannon

We give them the prototype, but also a document a sort of pseudo-code where we pull out the relevant animation code. That works really well. I haven't been working with web, but for Android and iOS we point them to the Rebound and Pop libraries so they can copy the parameters.

Maybe there's a port for web too?

Joshua Crowley

Thanks Kevin, there is actually one for Rebound We're using React, and these look promising,

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